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Winding Roads


I have to take a winding road when I go to work each day. Not a particularly long road compared to other roads I have to maneuver through on my way to my place of employment. Not a busy road or a congested one. I could probably say with some confidence that this road did not stand out to me at all. Until of course construction started on that unremarkable lay of asphalt.

The first day I noticed that with that road it took me an extra 10minutes to get through my commute. So, adding that 10 minutes, meant not staring out the window of my apartment on to the balcony where a couple Blue jays could converse melodically about the state of the worm population or anything else that might concern our feathery friends. I liked my amateur ornithology, it allowed me to feel connected to nature in the concrete jungle in which I live.

The second I adjusted to no wildlife and then noticed that I had an extra amount of breakfast burrito. See, for some reason I always got caught at a stop light on a corner where a man sits on a bench. I don’t always have money (Age of plastic) So, I gave him a portion of my breakfast. I then began to make us nice fully loaded breakfast bonanzas, since he complimented me on my culinary skills once. My mind and heart felt concern, hoping that the gentleman was able to find sustenance, may be one of the construction workers shared their food.

Lastly, I missed seeing Michelle’s Dress shop. It was at the very end of this winding road. Right before I have to make a turn to carry me on to my final destination. I married Michelle when we were both very young. I remember her eyes, always with an expression of love and concern. I adored her spirit and her love for all things beautiful. The day she opened the that little dress shop that maybe held about 50 pieces of various garments we celebrated with family and friends. It never really turned a profit, but it was filled with stories of how it made someone so happy to be able to find that very thing that made their heart sing. Michelle left us (2) years ago, yesterday and not driving past her shop (Which is now a very pretty baby store) even though I stopped looking in the location caused me to realize that that road, which is winding. Allowed me to appreciate nature, engage in brotherhood and remember the love of my life. I ride now on a smoother road, still winding. However, I now see the importance of this road and that it is quite a remarkable lay of asphalt.

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